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 Site Etiquette

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PostSubject: Site Etiquette   Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:24 am

Site Etiquette

  1. Any member found to be disrupting either the Group or individual members, will receive a warning in the form of an email, from one of the Forum Managers
  2. Any member who continues to disrupt either the Frum or individual members, will receive a warning via the message board
  3. Finally, if the above warnings are not taken onboard, the member causing the problem will be banned from the Forum

Further to the above. In the best interest of this site continuing to be a place where members wives, progeny and grand-progeny can browse without embarrassment, please utilise discretion in terms of language. For the sake of propriety and also to prevent the site from being shut down, please utilise imaginative "Euphemisms" in place of swear words that way, the full message can be conveyed without upset or risk to Forum members or their families.
Thanking you in anticipation of your co-operation...........................................

  1. Please do not make personal attacks on other members or indeed against any other site, on the message boards. If you wish to personally take someone to task for any reason, then sort it out via the privacy of E mails. Please do not post the contents of such E mails on the forum. Quarrels entered into on other sites are not to be aired on these message boards, nor are criticisms of other sites welcomed on these boards
  2. Derogatory names applied to peoples of other cultures on the forum is a practise which management cannot condone. We understand and empathise with those amongst us who become frustrated and upset at some of the actions being perpetrated against the society in which we all live. Juvenile name calling and the use of derogatory labels is not the sort of image that we want associated with this forum however. Please be advised that anyone who transgresses is likely to have the offending thread or response removed from the forum and a warning may be issued

Management Team.
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Site Etiquette
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